Welcome to Jazeera Projects Limited

Jazeera Projects Limited (JPL) was registered in Nigeria on 14th of February 2012 to invest in farming and farm products, property development, educational consultancy, industrial development, contracts, import and exports.
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cow 2

Cattle fattening.

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JAZEERA PROJECTS LIMITED located in a serene and secured environment, the Executive Complex allows you to conduct your business effectively and comfortably.

The Executive Complex is well constructed by JAZEERA PROJECTS LIMITED.
The office suites are filled with state-of-the-art facilities tailored to the requirements of a standard office.

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Packaging of domestic chicken

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The Multipurpose Corner Shops consist of 80 units per each covering a floor area of 22m
1. Central toilets and bathrooms
2. Dedicated transformer
3. Centralized water system
4. 24hours security